Introducing Frailty

The definition of Frailty that we will use in this programme was introduced to you all on the first day. For us frailty is not an illness but a syndrome that combines the effects of natural ageing with the outcomes of multiple long-term conditions, a loss of fitness and reserves (Lyndon, 2014).

Older people who are living with frailty often say they have fatigue unintended weight loss, diminished strength and their ability to recover from illness or injury, even minor ones is greatly reduced. This can have a marked impact on the quality and length of their lives (RCN, 2019)

We also took sometime to look at this video from Age UK

In this video older people talk about their desire to remain independent and in control. For more information on Age UK’s research in this area visit

In the afternoon we looked in more detail at identifying and assessing frailty. The presentation that we used and all the information it contains is accessible to you below. The presentation was built using a Microsoft application called SWAY. There are different ways to view Sway presentations and a brief guide to viewing Sway is available HERE.

To view the content scroll down the bar at the side of the object or click the “open to full screen” symbol you will see in the right hand corner where other viewing options are also available. Note that anything that is underlined is an active internet link.

Anything that has a “play” arrow in the middle of the picture is a video.

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