Keeping Up to Date with Frailty Related Issues

This is the last post in the Frailty Matters Coaching and Teaching programme which you have all been participating in. Frailty and the care of people with frailty, like all areas of health and social care is an area constantly being researched and best guidance on care as a result changes. It is important therefore to keep up to date with what is going on in Frailty care and management so that you and your team continue to deliver the best care possible. So this post is going to offer a few tips for keeping up to date.

The first resource to mention is one that we have used already within the programme, which is the British Geriatric Society Frailty Hub The Hub was created in June 2020 and will be the place where the BGS will hold its national guidelines and best practice relevant to frailty. The BGS also have their own Journal Age and Ageing and on their website they host a collection of articles from the Journal that looks at Frailty in older people. You can access their collection at

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) also host a a page on frailty where you will find advice and resources on identifying frailty in older patients and choosing the right interventions to help manage their condition. See:

They also have a larger frailty resource held on their magazine website called the RCNi frailty resource collection. This is not open access however, you need to be subscriber to one of the RCNi Magazines listed here. to get access to their online materials.

NHS England has two specialist groups that deal with frailty issues. They are the Acute Frailty Network. Their ‘Guidance and Resources’ pages in particular are useful and worth keeping track of.

There is also the NHS Specialised Clinical Frailty Network. on this site you will find a range of tools and resources to support the improvement of NHS specialised services for older people living with frailty.

On the Royal College of GP’s website there is a toolkit that provides a collection of relevant tools and information to assist primary care teams to implement a six-step model of collaborative care and support planning which is very useful for supporting the care a number of patients groups including adults living with frailty. See:

It is also worth noting that Health Education England, NHS England and Skills for Health provides a single, consistent and comprehensive framework that sets out the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected of any person who is involved in the care and support for people living with frailty. which may prove useful when you are considering your own development and that of the members of your team.

Finally it is worth occasionally using the following terms in Google from time to time just to see what is produced by the Cochrane Library Database of Reviews. They don’t have a specific frailty collection yet but they do very frequently review topics of interest to health and social care professionals looking after people living with with frailty. Search Using “Cochrane Library Frailty” in Google and see what comes up.

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