End of Life Care in Frailty

There is little need for us within this project to write about end of life care in frailty because an extensive, near comprehensive and free to access resource on this topic prepared by the British Geriatrics Society (BGS) already exits.

Rather than condense what this resource says we will just introduce it to you. The aim of the BGS guidance is to support clinicians and others in considering the needs of and providing high quality care for frail older people as they move towards the end of their lives.  It sets out to prompt and support timely discussions about preferences for care, ideally at a time which facilitates the input of the older person themselves. They hope their guidance will provide practical advice to help staff working with frail older patients so they can provide them with the best opportunity to live and die well. 

You can access this resource at: https://www.bgs.org.uk/resources/resource-series/end-of-life-care-in-frailty

It is worth noting that in the BGS End of Life Care in Frailty resource, where it discusses Advanced Care Planning refers you to the Advance Care Planning Resource for England and Wales at http://advancecareplan.org.uk/

Scotland has its own Anticipatory Care Planning Resource which has an earlier focus designed to give control to people with long term conditions control over their management plans at an earlier stage than end of life. You can find the Scottish Resource at https://www.nhsinform.scot/campaigns/anticipatory-care-planning

There is also an Anticipatory Care Planning Toolkit available at Healthcare Improvements iHub. See https://ihub.scot/project-toolkits/anticipatory-care-planning-toolkit/anticipatory-care-planning-toolkit/

They have also produced a number of videos about Anticipatory Care Planning of which this one, Anticipatory Care Plans (ACP’s) in a Care Home may have the most resonance when you consider ACP’s for the frail people that you encounter.

You can watch it here.

Reviewing Medication Regimens

The video is an interesting way to look at the topic you covered in class last time. Just play the video and sing along!

In this blog we are going to look at the topic of reviewing medications. As we have done before this presentation is done on Microsoft Sway. It should just play when you put your mouse in the box a scroll bar will appear and you can just scroll through it. You can click active links and play any video content as you go. You can also launch it using the full screen icon which should appear on the top right of the panel below when you click on it If you do this you adjust how it plays to suit the device you are using.

Hope its useful and remember to stay safe during this Covid-19 lockdown.