Welcome Back!

We would never have believed in early April when we last posted a blog item that it would take until the 19th of October to resume our coaching and teaching programme. It’s been a very strange and unique year and one that we are never likely to forget. We hope that you have all stayed well throughout the pandemic and our hearts go out to any of you who have had your lives or the lives of your family members affected by COVID-19.

Last month you would all have been sent a copy of our new plans for the coaching and teaching programme and we look forward to seeing you all again on Microsoft Teams on Thursday the 22nd of October between 3-5pm. We hope we have picked a time when most of you can be available.

From the timetable you will be able to see that new materials on the Blog should appear every Friday for 6 consecutive weeks. Please be patient with us if they don’t appear early, the intention is to have them available and posted by the commencement of each new week. Alongside the Blog it is our intention to include a number of podcasts/videocasts in line with topics that we are covering that week or that we have previously covered. If possible they will appear within the Blog posts for that week but they may have to be posted as separate items.

In the meantime we hope you #staysafe